$50 to hold lot.


Tenant expressly agrees that the leased premises nor any portion thereof shall not be assigned for subleased at any time.


Tenant is responsible for ALL utilities except water.

  • Electrical: Each space is metered separately and will be billed directly to the tenant by Middle Tennessee Electric monthly. Individual electric bills are the responsibility of the RV tenant, not CHEROKEE RESORT.
  • Sewer: Connections to the waste/sewage, water, or effluent from sinks, toilets or other plumbing fixtures must be deposited in dumping facility (sewer connection) only and may not be deposited directly on any pavement, dirt, or vegetation.
  • Water: Pressure regulators are recommended to be used. Heated water hoses are recommended during freezing temperatures. Water use is included in the lot rent, but any excessive use could be billed back to the tenant. Washing of personal vehicles is permitted except during times of county water-restrictions.
  • Trash:– Receptacles are provided for the use of tenants. Please drop your household garbage into the large dumpsters near the guest parking by the office. There is no garbage collection at each site. Any dumping of large items such as mattresses, appliances, electronics, computers, etc, are NOT allowed in the dumpsters and should taken to the county dump or fines will be assessed. Please do not put leaves, hot ashes, or large boxes (not broken down) into dumpsters. Let’s keep the park clean, please.
  • Improvements: Must have 30 days written prior approval by Cherokee Resort.


Must be no larger than 10’x12’ to be placed within the rear of lot perimeter at the tenant’s cost and must be of portable type construction. Any sheds left upon vacating the lot will remain the property of Cherokee Resort. Storage sheds are NOT to be used for sleeping or living in at any time. Carports and decks may only be installed if of a portable and removable nature. No permanent carports or decks may be constructed on any RV site. All carports and decks must be removed upon tenant vacating the site.


No permanent fencing may be constructed on any RV site. Only temporary and removable fencing or invisible fencing may be installed and must be approved by Cherokee. Gardens and landscaping to the RV site must have prior written approval by Cherokee Resort and must be maintained at all times. No water features may be added. No tents or other forms of lodging are allowed on the site at any time.


Lots are to remain clutter-free at all times. Bar-B-Q grills, chairs and other personal items are the be stored in a shed or covered and kept out of sight. No external refrigerators, or appliances are to be set up or stored outside of the RV. No open fires are allowed on each site. Enclosed or portable fire pits and grills are allowed but must be constantly monitored during use and put away out of sign after use.


Use is for registered boat tenants only. There is no access to the boat slips for RV tenants, but there is a public boat access by the fuel dock.


No vehicle engine or motor repairs are to be done on the site. All vehicles parked on the site are to have current titles and tags; no storage of inoperable vehicles is allowed at any time.


Should only be driven by someone with a valid driver’s license. This is for the safety of the cart owners and the residents. Golf carts must be fully insured with proof of insurance on file with management. If operated at night, proper lighting is required. No reckless operation of carts will be tolerated.


Owners are to fully insurance their trailer and buildings and contents against damage or theft. Proof of liability insurance for RVs and Vehicles are to be placed on file with management.


The Speed limit is 10 MPH throughout the entire park.


Cherokee Resort is not responsible to owners for any loss or damage to their property including, but not limited to explosion, fire, flood tornado, windstorms, high water, hail. Acts of God or any other conditions. The park is not responsible for damage or theft of RV contents, equipment, accessories, or personal belongings. The owner/lessee accepts full responsibility for their RV and agrees to carry their own insurance to protect their RV and such other property against said perils.


No discharging of firearms, air rifles, BB guns, bows and arrows, crossbows, or slingshots permitted at any time in the park. No fireworks will be allowed at any time.


Between the hours of 9:00pm and 8:00am excessive noises created by tenants or guests will not be tolerated. All children are to be on their sites or with their parents after the hour of 10pm. This includes teenagers. If you do not obey, you do not stay.


All pets will be kept on leashes and it will be the responsibility of the owner to insure all stool deposits are cleaned up immediately. Pets will not be left tied unattended. Records of vaccinations and health issues are to be kept up to date and on file with the park management. State Law requires strict compliance with these pet regulations. Only 1 pet per adult in the RV is allowed.


Are welcome. They should be informed of our regulations. Remember that all owners are responsible for the conduct of their guests or visitors. Loud and boisterous parties or conduct will not be tolerated. Common sense and good judgement are the rules to follow.


Lessee agrees to allow lessor or it’s agents to enter upon any RV or vehicle for the purpose of inspection for safety or loss prevention with prior notice.


Lessee agrees to pay a $50 charge for each returned check and to pay interest at a rate of 1.5% per month or fraction thereof on all amounts not paid within thirty (30) days of the returned check.

Lessee agrees to pay a $25 late fee for payments received after 12th of the current month.


Lessor/management reserves the right to change, alter or otherwise make changes to this agreement or rules and regulations at any time without prior notice.